Save and borrow for your VISA to remain

Non-UK Personnel can now save and borrow for their VISA to remain with the help of the Serve and Protect Credit Union which offers simple savings accounts and “affordable” loans with repayments straight from your military pay.

The arrangement, backed by the Ministry of Defence, means Non-UK Personnel will be able to save regularly or borrow responsibly, directly from their salary via deductions from their payroll.

Proud to help Non-UK Personnel save or borrow for their VISA to remain.

Non-UK Personnel often face difficulties accessing credit, due to a lack of, or in many cases a non-existent credit history. It can also be challenging to build up a good credit rating and as a result, many report being targeted by high-cost lenders.

How much does a Visa Cost?*

The current VISA costs for Non-UK Personnel are below, with the typical cost for a soldier, their spouse and 2 children to get British Citizenship is approximately £13,000.

  • Visa to enter UK (Limited Leave to Enter) = £1,523 per person
  • Visa to remain in UK (Indefinite Leave to Remain) = £2,389 per person
  • Applications on discharge = £2,389 per person
  • Adult Citizenship = £1,330
  • Child Citizenship = £1,012

Here to help you save, there if you need to borrow

Serve and Protect is a not-for-profit financial cooperatives, providing an ethical alternative for their members to save and borrow money, with all repayments straight from their military salary.

Since launching with the Ministry of Defence in October 2015, Serve and Protect has supported over 7,500 Service Personnel, helping them save over £2.5million and having provided over £23million in affordable loans.

  • Save the easy way with deductions straight from your salary
  • VISA Loans provided with no early repayment penalties.
  • Life Cover (at no extra cost)**

Helping to reunite military families

Nilla is one of the many non-UK serving personnel who form part of the British Army. These include Service Personnel from the British Commonwealth and Gurkha Regiment.

Having moved to the UK last year to start her new career in the military, she was reunited with her son with the help of Serve and Protect.

“I’m a single mum and my son was not with me when I started my training with the Army. I was trying to get him here with me and the financial help your establishment provided helped complete his VISA application and seeing my baby again.”

As a credit union, we are extremely proud to play our part in supporting Nilla and the Armed Forces Community.

If you need help covering the cost of a VISA now or in the future, we are here to help you save, and there if you need to borrow.

To learn more or join Serve and Protect please visit:

*Information correct as of 17th March 2020.

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