Rob’s Story

It is one less thing I need to worry about…

When Rob’s wife gave birth to his daughter Olivia in 2018, he wanted to give her the best possible start in life and prepare her for her financial future.

I immediately set up a Junior Saver account for her, saving the minimum of £10 a month.

Rob’s employer is a Payroll Partner with Serve and Protect Credit Union, which means Rob can save directly from his pay each month through payroll deduction. “With repayment straight from my salary, it means it is one less thing I need to worry about each month as life has become rather hectic since! Also, as that money never enters my bank account – it becomes a really easy way to save, and I don’t tend to miss it.”

Rob has continued to save £10 per month and is starting to see the benefits of saving regularly for his daughter. “Two years on and I have £240 saved for her, but have also received a 1.2% return in the form of an annual dividend – which is great. My plan is to keep saving £10 a month, so by the time she turns 18 there should over £2,000 in the account.”

With an estimated £2,000 by the time his daughter turns 18, Rob has begun to consider how the money could be used.

It will be a nice little surprise for her and hopefully she can then use it to put towards a first car or University.

Rob has also utilised one of our other savings accounts to help fund another very special occasion! “Don’t tell my Wife – I have also set up a family account for her, so she may get a nice Anniversary treat one day!”

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