Prison Officer wins headline prize of £5,000

Olabode, a Prison Officer working in London, joined Serve and Protect CU in 2019 and swiftly opened a PrizeSaver account in the hopes of one day winning big in the monthly prize draw.

But like many, Olabode hadn’t won anything before in his life, so he didn’t believe he’d ever win. This all changed in June when it was revealed to him that he had in fact won the headline prize of £5,000.

After hearing the news of his big win, Olabode had this to say:

It feels great to have won. I wasn‘t expecting it at all and I didn’t believe I’d ever win, so it comes as a big surprise. Maybe next time I’ll win £10,000!

Olabode plans to spend some of his winnings on home improvements, whilst keeping most of it in his savings account with the credit union.

Like his colleagues in HMPPS, Olabode saves every month through the credit union with repayments straight from his pay which he feels makes it easier for him to save.

Saving with the credit union helps me put money away instead of spending it. I would definitely recommend the credit union to my colleagues. I have even opened three junior accounts for my children.

About the PrizeSaver

The PrizeSaver is part of a collaboration between ABCUL (the Association of British Credit Unions Limited) and 15 credit unions across Britain to pilot a prize-linked savings account.

Savers who put away as little as £1 with the credit union will have a chance to win up to £5,000 every month. Every pound you have in your account, up to the first £200, enters you into a monthly prize draw.

Do not miss out on the next draw, open your PrizeSaver account today in just a couple of minutes. Click here to learn more.

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