Anthony’s Story

I am writing to thank you for your speedy help which in part saved my life.

Anthony became a member of Serve and Protect Credit Union in 2010. After serving in Cleveland Police for many years as a Detective Constable, Anthony decided to retire abroad.

However, Anthony’s life was put at risk when he was informed that he had to undertake heart surgery. To prepare for the surgery, Anthony required a medical intervention to be performed beforehand. News went from bad to worse once he learned that his insurance did not cover the procedure.

In need of urgent help, Anthony applied for a loan from Serve and Protect in July 2020. After explaining his case, our team were able to swiftly work on his loan and issue the funds he needed within 24 hours.

We heard back from Anthony once again in December 2020.

The surgery was successful, and I am now leading a normal life and looking forward to Christmas. I am writing to thank you for your speedy help which in part saved my life. I will be eternally grateful to you.

We asked our Senior Loans Officer, Moya, who went above and beyond to issue the loan, how she felt following the news:

I am just so glad to know that everything has gone well for him. It is always lovely to get good feedback, but it is even more special to know that we as a team have helped to make a real difference to his life.

Credit unions really can make a huge difference to people’s lives. Whether it be through helping someone to consolidate multiple debts or by providing funds for a crucial surgery, we are here to help our members when they need us most.

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"I am writing to thank you for your speedy help which in part saved my life."